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Aerial & Scissor Platforms Services

OSHA Industrial Standards ATL Service Solutions follow all OSHA safety regulations while performing our industrial facility cleaning services. Our employee's receive OHSA company training on all aerial lifts implemented and follow our company safety training for all aspects of services provided.

HEPA Vacuum Recovery Systems

Meeting FDA Industrial Standards HEPA micro filtration vacuum recovery systems. Non sparking units are used for mitigating fine dust particles in areas where ignition sources could be a potential. High velocity 240 cfm vacuums.

Ride On Floor Scrubbing Services

Advance Adgressor We use industrial ride on Floor scrubbing equipment to perform our industrial facility cleaning services. Our Units, sweep, scrub, recover and can apply 300 psi surface force for the toughest industrial jobs.

Superior Cleaning Services

Air Knock Down Systems. ATL Service Solutions installs debris knockdown cleaning systems. control systems can be constructed of multiple zones to control different areas of the facility or a single zone that covers a larger area. Good safety practices and careful housekeeping are necessary to prevent dangerous and costly accidents.

ATL Service Solutions Uses Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Use of aerial platform high lifts - HEPA micro filtration vacuum systems - Industrial ride on floor scrubbing equipment - GREEN cleaning products when ever possible. High volume industrial paint spraying equipment.
Hands on surface detail cleaning services ensures that our company can remain leaders in providing the highest quality for industrial & commercial facility cleaning service solutions for all of our clients in the Atlanta and the surrounding Georgia areas.

We use JLB aerial platforms, scissor lifts, boom and articulating lifts. Staging equipment for exterior and some interior uses.
We have many years of rigging experience, high lift work, repelling services and can perform most any cleaning project that your company may require.

Atlanta Service Solutions can provide your business with quality cleaning and restoration services. Contact us with any questions about our services, we will be happy to provide your company with knowledgeable cleaning solutions.